If yes,now is the time to pace up with the world`s momentum with India`s Biggest Robotics Olympiad Exam



Bharat Robotix Olympiad-India's Biggest Robotics Exam

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Is Our New Tomorrow

Robotics is changing our terms of interactions it's redefining the skills set for the future by shaping up young brains to adapt to new technology and sustain together

Robotics is more than just coding for Students, it's a treasure of the future.

Do You want your child to be a part of the Futuristic World ?
Do You want your child to contribute to the world ahead of us ?
Do You want your child to learn the language of the future ?
If yes,now is the time to pace up with the world`s momentum with India`s Biggest Robotics Olympiad Exam
Be a participant and win exciting prizemoney from a pool of

INR 15,00,000/-


Class IV,V,VI,VII,VIII,IX,X,XI & XII (all boards)


International Level

Registration Fee

INR 500/-(including GST)

All participants will be given complimentary Robotics Training Material (pdf file)


Category1: Junior - class 4,5,6

Category2: Intermediate - class 7,8,9

Category3: Senoir - class 10,11,12


This Competition will be held in 3 rounds

1st round - Online

2st round - Online

3st round - Offline(To be held at Hyderabad)

Competition Selection Process:

1st round - Online Quiz

2st round - Online Quiz

Competition Tentative Date:

1st round - September 2021

2st round - October 2021

3st round - November 2021

3rd round(finalround)-Offline:

Physical Robotics Exhibition(Demonstration).Top 100 Students wii be shortlisted for the final round

There wii be 33 students from each category in the final round and 1 student wii be entering through WILD CARD ENTRY *i.e directly selected to the final round. students need to Demonstrate their robotics project / model infront of the jury.


In each category there will be 1 Champion and 1 runner-up

Rank Categories Scholarship
Champion Category1: Junior, Category2:Intermediate, Category3: Senoir INR 3 lakh/-,merit certificate(each category)
Runner-up Junior, Intermediate, Senoir INR 1 lakh/-,merit certificate(each category)

Teachers/Guide's prize:

The Robotics Teacher / Guide of thr champoin students of each category will be rewarded with INR 1 lakh.

At the end of the Competition,all participants wii be given a participation certificate.

1.We are conducting robotix why is it important ?

We are there with an opportunity for the student to know more and understand robotics as the future holds a great part which will be propelled by artificial intelligence and robotics.

2.Why should they learn robotics?

Robotics is gaining momentum in many schools worldwide, and here are few listed advantage that comes hand in hand with learning.

a) Creative thinking- robotics achieves fun and creativity together, students seem to develop and learn more as their interest gest boosted by experiencing things getting possible through robotics.

b) Engagement- Practical participation develops more interest to continue learning, it also enhances concentration and attention.

c) Programming skills- Artificial intelligence is becoming prevalent in homes, schools, and offices, programming knowledge only helps everyone understand how these bots work..

d) Perseverance- creation, and programming can be challenging at times, but the workforce at times of frustration helps develop never give up attitude for the longer run.

e) Teamwork- Robotics requires a range of skills and thus promotes a learning environment for people with different talents. It promotes the idea of teamwork and thus leads to better learning.

Robotics is more than just coding for Students, it's a treasure of the future. By participating in this exam not only the students will be getting introduced and enhanced with the knowledge about robotics, but it will also trigger curiosity and thus will result in learning a new skill set.